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Who is Angela

My Name is Angela Dahl. I am the Owner of Yoga Youth and I am excited to be a kids Yoga Teacher. I am a mum to two very active boys aged 9 and 11 so as a result I am always on my feet. Like many parents, my life is juggled between family and work. If I feel like I’m getting uptight or anxious, yoga helps calms my mind and keeps me grounded. I walk my dog (Sandy the Labradoodle) every day. This is not only good exercise but allows me to clear my head before my busy day begins.  Healthy, organic (when I can) food is what I love and I enjoy cooking and trying new recipes. I also enjoy a good brew of coffee or tea and love family and friend catch-ups.

Angela Dahl Yoga Teacher

During 2019, I completed my Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training Course through One Family Yoga and Fitness . Subsequently, I completed a Foundation Course in Childrens’ Yoga Teacher Training through Zenergy Yoga. Besides being a Brisbane Yoga Teacher, I am also a Dance Teacher. I teach ballroom and modern dance to high school students and have over 20 years experience teaching in high schools.

I have a current Blue Card and First Aid Certificate and I have insurance cover.  I am more than happy to provide copies of my certificates.

There is a saying that resonates with me

“If you don’t have time for Yoga, then you need to practice it more”



  • Ability to apply meaningful and empowering Yoga classes for children.
  • Delivery of outcome based goals around movement, flexibility & positive reinforcement.
  • Structuring and adapting programs around all abilities to make each child feel welcome and believe in themselves which promotes self esteem.
  • Understanding children’s emotional and cognitive boundaries.
  • Aged based sessions tailored around similar physical and emotional development stages.
  • Targeting and optimising the benefits of Yoga through exploration of meditation, mindfulness and relaxation.
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